Canvas Canteen & Catering



Canvas Canteen is located on the corner of Pursimiehenkatu and Kankurinkatu in a 150-year-old pink building. On weekdays we are open for lunch and in the evenings we only do private dinners, when the restaurant is only used by one group for the entire evening. 

The space is small, intimate and cozy. The atmosphere in the evenings is like being in someone’s home for dinner, but still in a restaurant. We also do a lot of catering gigs outside the restaurant.



The name comes from our location and the fact that the restaurant is our ”blank canvas” – a space where we can do exactly what we like and feel for with food. In the evenings, we mainly make private dinners for groups and plan the menu together with our guests or plan a surprise menu. 

We have an open home kitchen in the restaurant and many guests have described our private dinners as ”being in someone’s home, outside of home”. For private dinners, we plan surprise menus based on seasonal ingredients and of course we also take guests’ wishes and special diets into account.



Sometimes we also invite guests to cook or host dinners with us. Instagram (@canvascanteen) is the best place to find more information about our Pop Ups and events. 



We also do a lot of catering gigs and chef’s home gigs outside the premises inquiries: 



At lunchtime, we make daily changing dishes, which are created based on our mood at that moment and we try to think ”what would we eat at home today?”, which is strongly influenced by what the weather is like, what we feel like eating and what ingredients are in season. We are open on weekdays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm In the restaurant, we work with seasonal ingredients and we do not offer Take Away. Walk-in only. 


There are few squares, but there are even more reasons to come here. 

You can find the updated menu and upcoming events on Instagram @canvascanteen! 


Mon-Fri 11.30-14.30 (no reservations) 

Pursimiehenkatu 21 00120 Helsinki